"What Happens In An Alexander Technique Lesson?"

In lessons, I will use my hands to guide you through everyday movements and bring about an overall improvement in your balance and co-ordination.

In other words, you will experience what it is like to move with much less muscular effort than before.

Initially, any improvement may seem to be entirely due to my work, but as you gradually learn to remain upright using less effort and tension, you begin to notice how your everyday habits pull you out of shape (Alexander called this "misuse").

With each lesson, you will gradually learn how to keep these harmful habits from dominating your movements.

Before long, your self-awareness will improve … you will stop "misusing" yourself … your problems will fade away … you will become more balancedless tense ... more poisedmore mobile ... and soon you will be applying the Alexander Technique without much need of my help.


After a few weeks of lessons my friends noticed a change in my overall appearance, even a change in my persona. Now that I have added the Alexander Technique to my life, I always encourage others to try it particularly if they have back problems . . .