"Why Do People Learn The Alexander Technique?"

People learn the Alexander Technique to alleviate their problems... or learn to cope with them better.

Some may be suffering from specific symptoms:

Others have less specific symptoms such as...

The Alexander Technique is not a therapy... although it does have significant therapeutic side-effects. It is not a treatment or cure-all, but often the side-effect of learning it is that your symptoms will fade away... and often disappear altogether.


As a long-term sufferer of neck and shoulder pain, I had tried a variety of treatments to help my problem, all of which have had limited success. 			So, I tried the Alexander Technique. After my first few sessions, I felt like I was floating across the floor when I walked and  my limbs felt free and relaxed. I also  felt more positive about my situation.  As time passed the pain in my neck and shoulder eased and  friends commented that I<strong> looked taller and had more of a presence. I now play football again after having given it up because of my problems. Anyone prepared  to spend the time to do something about their pain will find it well worth the effort