"How Will The Alexander Technique Benefit Me?"

As you will soon discover... the most enjoyable thing about learning the Alexander Technique is that it is not only preventative... but also effortless.

If you have persistent, recurring problems which keep returning despite treatment or therapy, you will definitely benefit

During your lessons with me you will discover how your muscles carry excess tension and... more importantly... you will learn how to let go of this tension and prevent it from causing more harm.

As a result, you will reverse your symptoms and be glad that your persistent aches and pains slowly fade away.

Even if you don't have specific problems, the Alexander Technique will give you an overall sense of well-being, poise and balance. By applying it you will also reduce the risk of injury, making you less prone to the problems caused by tension and strain.

You will also benefit if you want to improve your performance in sports or the performing arts, because the Alexander Technique will make you more balanced and co-ordinated ... and less tense. This will increase your potential and help you perform better in all your activities.


I started on an Introductory course run by Joseph at Enfield College, and after this I continued with private Alexander  Technique lessons. I had lessons for about a year and improved in many ways, with less back pain, and 
I also feel less tense or stressed-out 
as I have learned to relax. Friends and family have remarked 
that I look taller and seem happier. Anyone 
having lessons should give it time to see some results, 
because learning to beat pain takes time